No credit card needed.
*Credit Score calculated based on FICO® Score 8 mode. Your lender or insurer may use a different FICO® Score 8, or another type credit
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Average users boosted their FICO® Score 8 based on Experian data by 13 points. Some may not see improved scores or approvals odds. Not all lenders
use credit information impacted by Experian Boost®

Raise your FICO® Score instantly

  • Connect the bank account(s) you use to pay your utility, cell phone, and streaming service payments. Your information remains private.
  • Choose and verify the positive payment history you'd like added to your Experian® credit file
  • See your boost results instantly
Results will vary. Not all payments are boost-eligible. Some users may not receive an improved score or approval odds. Not all lenders use Experian credit files, and not all lenders use scores impacted by Experian Boost® Learn more